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I think sometimes things are wrong with me. Like… really wrong but I never fail to smile. I think on a personal level we all have that time where we feel like complete and utterly shitty and we don’t know what to do. I really try sometimes to just take a break from social media and just breathe for a second. Look at all the peoole around me. To see how long I have lived and even though life is still life, one day it will be gone. What will we do? Will you go to heaven? Will you go to hell? Will you live again? Will you just dissappear? Not knowing of anything else or you? I am living for the here and now. I am living for the people that are stuck in these hospital beds and can’t go out like a normal person. I will help them. To want them to strive more. I want to feel what they are feeling so that I can be that better person for them to tell them to never give up. Some of us don’t have that stepping stole - but I would love to be yours.

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Wang Wei


Justin Bieber fans trying to defend everything he does.


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The Selfie Hand Shake

I’m making this a thing